Popular Continuing Education Seminars For California Driving School Instructors and Operators

All 3 Seminars

Starting at $ 135

Buy All 3 Seminars and SAVE!

  • DMV Approved Continued Education for Driving Instructors
  • Complete 1 Seminar per Day
  • Bypass wriitten Exam
  • California DMV Approved
  • Driving School Instructor and/or Driving School Operator Renewal

Seminar 1

Starting at $ 50

This is Seminar 1 of 3 - All 3 are Required to bypass Exam

  • CA DMV Approved Curriculum
  • Attitude while Driving
  • Effects of Emotions while Driving
  • Distracted Driver
  • Right-of-way
  • Signs, Signals and Lane Markings

Seminar 2

Starting at $ 50

This is Seminar 2 of 3 - All 3 are Required to bypass Exam

  • CA DMV Approved Curriculum
  • Driving Enviroments
  • Hazardous Weather Driving
  • Deffensive Driver Techniques
  • Pritecting Yourself in a Collision
  • Freeway Driving

Seminar 3

Starting at $ 50

This is Seminar 3 of 3 - All 3 are Required to bypass Exam

  • 6 Hour Required Curriculum
  • Distracted Driving
  • Rules of the Road
  • Defensive Driving & More
  • DMV Approved Course
  • Instructor and/or Operator

Driving School Instructor and Operator Seminar Solutions

Enroll now for our 3 Simple Online Seminars for Driving School Operator or Instructor Seminars that make it easy for you to:

  • Bypass DMV Instructor & Operator license renewal testing
  • Document your understanding of all instructor & driver regulations
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of California’s “rules of the road”
  • Increase your personal driving skills
  • Improve your Driver Education Instructor performance
Operator Seminar Solutions

About Our Continuing Education Operator and Instructor Course

Instructor Course

  • 1 Flat Fee per Seminar - No Hidden Fees.
  • Buy all 3 at the same time and SAVE.
  • Refresh your Knowledge. Learn about current DMV laws and regulations.
  • Changes that affect your job or business as a Driving School Operator or Driving School Instructor.
  • Easy to read and comprehend the content with Interesting videos.
  • All of our Courses are California DMV approved.
  • You can print out your certificate after completing each course. (must be printed in color)

Driving School Continued Education Seminar Subject Matter

  • Psychological Nature of us Drivers.
  • Rules and Regulations of the Road.
  • How to Avoid Distracted Driving and Its Dangers.
  • Skills and Tips and how to Teach New Drivers.
  • The Different Driving Environments.
  • How to use Safe and Defensive Driving Techniques.
  • What to do in the event of an Accident.
  • Simple First Aid Skills to Vehicle Accidents.
Education Seminar Subject Matter

Why Choose our California DMV approved Driving School Renewal Course

  • Simple Easy to Ready – Anybody can do it.
  • Buy 1 Course per time or all 3 at once and Save. 
  • Complete Course Fast and Get Renewed. 
  • Designed by Operators and Instructors. California DMV Approved.
  • We here to help you succeed 
  • Instresting Video's 
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Access from any device with an internet connection



Driving School Renewal Course

Our Features

You can continue to take the online seminars each time your license comes up for renewal in order to bypass the DMV test. If you are an operator and an instructor and your license needs to be renewed at different times make sure you keep a copy of your certificates to hand in to the DMV. You can use the same email, username and password for all 3 seminars.Only one seminar can be completed per day.Our courses were written by professionals in the driving and traffic school industry.

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